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Mavi 's founder Ersin Akarlilar has been watching the development of a clothes production company, founded by his father, since he was a child. Even as a student back in 1980s, he dreamed of creating a global brand. The first turning point after joining the family business was the decision to move from massive production to creating a denim “brand”. In 1991, he created «Mavi Jeans» and came up with “Perfect Fit” strategy, according to which customers were offered style solutions and size system adapted to each particular country. In just five years «Mavi Jeans» has become a leading Turkish jeans brand with sales way ahead of the major international giants.

Another important decision was to get «Mavi Jeans» introduced outside of Turkey, starting with the U.S., the country with the most severe   competition.

The risk «Mavi Jeans» took  paid off, since soon «Mavi Jeans» conquered Canada, Europe and Australia. In 2006 «Times» magazine named «Mavi Jeans» among the top 16 denim brands. Today «Mavi Jeans» has a global turnover of $ 154.6 million and is sold in 50 countries, including Russia.
Famous people like Kate Winslet, Chelsea Clinton and Adriana Lima have been spotted wearing clothes from «Mavi Jeans» collections.

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