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Denim is the heart of the legend that is Wrangler. The history of the brand begins in 1947, when the popular designer Ben Rodeo created a denim clothing line for cowboys. Having tried 13 different models of jeans, the company introduced Wrangler 13MWZ with zip to the American consumer. The main features of the new model (13MWZ) are borrowed from the cowboy lifestyle: the waist and hips areas of the jeans in are tailored in such a manner that the shirted can be tucked in, and the length of the leg does not allow the trousers to go up while horse riding. Since then, the Wrangler jeans have become a symbol of the "Wild West."

Quality and functionality of jeans are still the hallmark of the brand. Wrangler jeans wear is created for those who appreciate freedom. In Wrangler jeans we are absolutely free, adrenaline-charged and can be ourselves.

Classic Wrangler jeans are created with love, attention to detail and are timeless! Having become an icon in the world of denim, Wrangler still continues to develop and succeed in innovations and quality.

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